Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler injections are administered using a small needle, a cannula or both. Dermal fillers usually come packaged in a box that contains sterile needles, product labels and a pre-loaded syringe that should be opened from its sterile packaging in front of you at the beginning of the treatment. The product label will include the name of the product, the batch number and expiry date. The syringe will contain a clear gel like substance, which consists of a water-based carrier gel, hyaluronic acid, and will contain lidocaine, which is a local anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance, which is a major component of our skin and has a function in wound repair, hydration, and cell to cell communication. One of the main characteristics of hyaluronic acid is that it effectively binds water like a sponge, which is why it is an effective tissue filler.


There are over 60 different brands of filler available within the UK and many more worldwide, but some have better safety profiles than others. Individual brands differ in the properties of the filler, including particle size, concentration and cross-linking which affects their resistance to degradation (how long the filler will last), elasticity and volumising effect. Most brands will have several products in their range to enable treating different areas, ranging from softer fillers to treat fine lines and lips to firmer fillers to provide contour and shape.


Procedure Time
30-60 Minutes

Anaesthetic Required?
Yes, strong topical numbing cream

Down Time
All swelling and bruising will subside in 2 - 14 days

Back to Work
Same Day

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How Many Treatments Required?
1 - 2 treatments depending on desired results

Duration of Results?
6 Months - 2 Years depending on treatment area