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Why do we tell you not to drink alcohol?

Thinking about getting an anti-wrinkle treatment or dermal fillers before a big event? You may want to wait unless you are willing to skip the booze.

Alcohol thins the blood, and enlarges blood vessels, if consumed prior to treatment, you have an increased risk of bleeding and bruising during the procedure. This is not a great recipe with dermal fillers, as we are often injecting deep into the skin, above the periosteum (bone). This means the needle will pass through the dermis, where the vascular structure lays. Every time a needle is inserted into the skin, the patient will bruise, it just might not come to the surface, where we can see it.

A lot of people like to receive injectables before a big event so they can look their finest. Many don’t know that drinking after receiving injectables can decrease their desired results, it will prolong healing and potentially cause more swelling in the area.

Although one drink won’t completely eradicate injectables, going overboard with drinking can cause anti-wrinkle treatments or fillers to diminish.

Additionally, alcohol can extremely dehydrate your body if you are overindulging. Being dehydrated can cause the injectables to decrease, intensify side effects, and leave you upset with the results. Particularly hyaluronic acid fillers that draw in water. It is suggested you avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours after receiving injectables.

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Have you had any undesirable affects after anti-wrinkle treatments or filler?

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