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Jalupro Classic and Jalupro HMW are injectable solutions that has been formulated using a clever combination of amino acids. Technically labelled as a 'dermal biorevitalizer', they improve skin texture whilst diminishing wrinkles. 

The science behind Jalupro works by feeding the connective tissue under the skin layers, otherwise known as fibroblasts. Fibroblasts produce collagen and repair skin to ensure it always has elasticity and great looking texture. As skin ages, the fibroblasts function reduces in activity; this can be caused by many factors, including spending too much time in the sun, intense smoking and other reasons. Consequently, wrinkles appear.

The amino acids in Jalupro join forces with the existing fibroblasts to help them continue their pre-ageing function. The more abundant the amino acids, the more healthier the skin cells are, resulting in younger appearance. This natural phenomenon is an effective way for skin to look younger again without surgery.


Procedure Time
30-45 minutes

Anaesthetic Required?
No (unless requested)

Down Time
A few hours (in rare cases a week)

Back to Work
Same Day

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How Many Treatments Required?
Classic - 3 treatments
HMW - 2 treatments

Duration of Results?
6 Months